Dr Manoj Thomas

Dr Manoj Thomas

Qualification : Fellow - (IRMA Anand)

Email : manojthomas@xlri.ac.in

Functional Area : Strategic Management

Brief Profile  

Experience Detail  

  1. Associate Professor in XLRI Jamshedpur from 2012 to present: Teaching courses in strategic management and corporate sustainability
  2. Assistant Professor in?? XLRI Jamshedpur from 2007 to 2012: teaching courses in the strategic management area
  3. Manager in Sathguru Management Consultants, (Hyderabad) working on developing a new agribusiness enterprise: 2001-2002: 10 months
  4. Project tied faculty in Centre of Energy, Environment and Technology, Administrative Staff College of India (Hyderabad) working of research projects: 1999-2000: 16 months
  5. Senior Researcher in Taru Leading Edge Ltd?? (Delhi and Hyderabad) working on research consulting projects: 1996-1999: 30?? months
  6. Project Executive in PRADAN (Bilaspur): working on rural developmental- water supply projects: 1994-1995- 11 months

Dr Manoj Thomas

Dr Manoj Thomas

Achievements and Research Interest/Area of Research Interests

Academic Distinction (Awards and Scholarships)

  1. Recipient of the IWMI-TATA (International Water Management Institute- Sir Ratan Tata Trust) Fellowship at IRMA during Fellow Programme (2002-2006)

Adminstrative Distinction

  1. Associate Dean (Corporate Programs) at XLRI- 2018-2019
  2. Chairperson, Strategic Management Area: 2014-015, 2015-2016, and 2016-2017
  3. Director (Independent- Non Executive) in Tata Sponge Iron Ltd) from September 2011- continuing; Committee Roles: Chairperson- Nomination and Remuneration Committee, Member-CSR committee
  4. Director (Independent- Non Executive) in Tata Steel SEZ Ltd) from December 2015- continuing; Committee Roles: Chairperson- Nomination and Remuneration Committee from 2015 to 2017, Member-Audit committee

Other Achievements

Author of eight short stories for children in collections published by Children`s Book Trust, New Delhi, one of which is used as a chapter in a Madhya Pradesh Board- 9th Standard English Textbook


Corporate Sustainability, Strategic Management of government and not for profit organizations, Implications of Resource Based View for Strategic Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Business, Rural Management

Faculty Development Programs Attended

Courses Taught

  1. Introduction to Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability
  2. Resource Based Strategy 
  3. Strategic Management
  4. International Management 
  5. Entrepreneurship and New Venture

Consultancy Undertaken

In-Company Programs

Have taken sessions on strategic management and resources and capabilities in several MDPs and In company programs over the past several years.


Journal Articles-Refereed

  1. (2018)(Category A according to XLRI classification- Scopus Q-1)Developing a capstone course for ecological and social sustainability in business education, Business Horizons, Vol. 61, pp. 949-958, published by Elsevier and Kelley School of Business, Indiana University(SINGLE AUTHOR PAPER).
  2. (2015(Category B according to XLRI classification- Scopus Q-2)) Role of Strategy in value capture from foresight exercises: firms` responsiveness to long term trends in the passenger car industry". Foresight,Vol.17 No.6 2015,pp.574-587 published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd(SINGLE AUTHOR PAPER).
  3. Thomas, M. T. (2015). Theory and practice of leadership. South Asian Journal of Management22(2), 200. (XL-E)
  4. (2007) (Category C according to XLRI classification- ABDC- C)Thomas Manoj T.  The Alang Ship Breaking Yard, Asian Case Resource Journal, 11(2) pp. 327-346 (SINGLE AUTHOR PAP
  5. (2003) (Category B according to XLRI Classification, Scopus Q-2) The global pharmaceutical industry: changing competitive landscape, International Journal of Technology Management, 25(3/4), pp. 201-226. (CO-AUTHOR)

  6. (2003) 

    (Category B according to XLRI Classification, Scopus Q-2)

    Managing strategic innovation: an analysis of Dr Reddys laboratories, International Journal of Technology Management, 25(3/4), pp. 247-267. (CO-AUTHOR)

  7. (2008) The Role of Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) in Grassroots Innovation in Natural Resources Management- A Study of Six NGOs in Western India,  ASCI Journal of Management, 37(1), pp. 14-29. [D]

Scholarly Books

  1. (2010) Thomas, M. T. :Strategy, Structure, Processes and Incentives: Comparative analysis of three large public irrigation systems in India.

Chapters in Scholarly books

  1. (2014) The Globalisation of Activism- Case of an Environmental Dispute" in the book titled   "Issue and Crisis Management Exploring Issues,Crises,Risk and Reputation"   published by OXFORD University Press.
  2. (2008)Manoj T. Thomas & Vishwa Ballabh (2008) Recovery of Irrigation User Cess and Governance of Canal Systems om V. Ballabh (Ed.) Governance of Water :   Institutional Alternatives and Political Economy, New Delhi, Sage, 2008.

Paper Presentations-Refereed

  1. Thomas, Manoj T (2016) International Treaties for sustainability: Understanding the level of implementation, paper presented at the XUB sustainability summit
  2. Case analysis: Vikalpa: The Journal for Decision Makers;Oct-Dec2009, Vol. 34 Issue 4, p13 

Key note presentation
1. Moderator at Technical Session on Manufacturing: The Next Wave Industry 4.0 at the CII Manufacturing Conclave held on 19 September 2018 at Beldih Club, Jamshedpur

2. Moderator at a session on "Future of Green Energy and Beyond" at the CII green conclave held on 7th June 2016 at Beldih Club Jamshedpur

Other Professional Activities

Achievements in Professional activities

Chairperson/Co-Chairperson in conferences

Co-ordinating/Organizing Workshop/Conferences /MDPs

  1. Strategic Management delivered through the VIL platform (with Tech Mahindra, and Now Talent Edge)

Contribution towards Institution building/ development/ services such as Chairperson (Placement) etc

Guide/evaluator/ examiner at doctoral research level

Examiner for Mr Easwar Krishna Iyer on his thesis "Cloud Computing and Blue Ocean Strategy: Creating a new strategic sequence"  at School of Management, Centurion University Orissa

Invited to deliver Keynote addresses/ speeches

Membership of Professional Bodies

Participation in Workshops/Conferences/Forums/ Meetings etc

Professional Services such as Member/Editor of Editorial Board/ Advisory Committee etc

Reviewer/Referee in Journals/ Conferences etc

Visiting Faculty

Research Project Undertaken