Dr N Sivasankaran

Dr N Sivasankaran

Qualification : MBA ; Ph.D. - Bharathiar University

Email : ns@xlri.ac.in, jnssiva2004@gmail.com

Functional Area : Finance

Languages Known : Tamil and English

Brief Profile  

Dr.N.Sivasankaran is an Assicate Professor of Finance at XLRI. He has 22 years of teaching experience ( includes two years at IIM Shillong & 7 years at IIM Ranchi). He teaches Management Accounting 1, Management Accounting 2, Corporate Finance 2, Business Valuation, Financial Analysis and Planning, Fundamental Analysis and working capital theory. His research interests include working capital management, corporate governance and  accounting education. He has handled many sessions in various MDPs and ICPs for participants from various govt and private organizations. He has published his research papers in international journals. He is presently serving as an Assocaite Editor of the International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management (ABDC B and Scopus Q1 Listed  Emerald Journal ).He has published a number of articles in Financial Express and Business Line newspapers.He is the author of " Financial Analysis for Beginners" book, published by Taxmann Publishers, Newdelhi.


Total Experience (in months)
 269 (as on 24-NOV-22)

Experience Detail  

  1. Since 12-September 2019, Associate Professor, XLRI, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand
  2. July 2012 - September 9,2019, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management, Ranchi, Jharkhand ( on Leave for 1 year)
  3. June 2010 - June 2012,, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management,Shillong,Meghalaya
  4. July 2007-May 2010, Assistant Professor , Bharathidasan Institute of Management (BIM), Trichirappalli, TN
  5. May 2004-June 2007,  Faculty Member, ICFAI National College, ICFAI University Hyderabad
  6. June 2000- April 2004- Lecturer, GRDIM,Coimbatore

Dr N Sivasankaran

Dr N Sivasankaran

Achievements and Research Interest/Area of Research Interests

Academic Distinction (Awards and Scholarships)

Sixth Rank Holder- University level-MBA-Bharathiar University,Coimbatore-1999

Adminstrative Distinction

Other Achievements


+ Working Capital Management
+ Corporate Governance
+ Accounting Education

Faculty Development Programs Attended

Courses Taught

1. Financial Reporting & Analysis

2. Management Accounting 1 
3. Business  Analysis and Valuation
4. Corporate Finance-2
5. Microfinance
6. Financial Reporting and Cost Management / Management Accounting 2
7. Fundamental Analysis
8. Financial Analysis Planning & Control

Consultancy Undertaken

In-Company Programs

Conducted ICP/MDPs for participants of the following organizations

2. IOC
4. NLC
7. Industries Dept,GOJ
9.Vizag Steel
10. Various Hospitals


Journal Articles-Refereed

-N.Sivasankaran; Samit Paul (2022)," Challenges in Teaching Finance in the COVID Era and the Remedies: Viewpoint from India", International Journal of Electronic Finance, Vol.11,No 4, pp.306-316
- Prince Bhatia,Narayanasamy Sivasankaran, Aditya Banerjee and Subir Chattopadhyay(Forthcoming)," Does firm`s working capital efficiency matter in dividend payout;empirical evidence from India", Vision : The Journal of Business Perspective
-N.Sivasankaran;A.Kanagaraj;D.Israel;R.prasad (2022)," The hungry energised allergic disease-ridden matrix for financial decision dilemmas of entrepreneurs", International Journal of Electronic Finance,Vol.11,No.2,pp.101-116
-Banerjee,A.,Kundu,S.,& Sivasankaran,N.(2021), "Asymmetric impact of working capital efficiency on market performance of Indian firms", Global Business Review , ahead of print doi/10.1177/0972150920988648
- Shukla,A.,Sivasankaran ,N.,Singh,P.,Kanagaraj,A., & Chakraborty,S.(2021)," Do women directors impact the risk and return of Indian banks?", IIM Kozikode Societ and Management Review,Vol.10,No.1,pp.44-65
- Sawarni ,K.S, Narayanasamy,S.and Ayyalusamy,K.(2021)." Working Capital Management, firm performnance and nature of business : an empirical evidence from India ", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol.70, No.1,pp.179-200
- Shukla,A.,Narayanasamy,S.,Ayyalusamy,K. and Pandya, S.K. (2020), " Influence of independent directors on the market risks of Indian banks", Journal of Asia Business Studies, Vol.15,No.1,pp.31-49
- Shukla ,A., Narayanasamy,S. and Krishnakumar ,R.(2020), " impact of board size on the accounting returns and the asset quality of Indian banks", International Journal of Law and Management, Vol.62, No.4,pp.297-313
- Narayanasamy.S.,(2020)," What makes accounting interesting for learners? Viewpoint of a teacher from India", Asian Journal of Accounting Research,Vol.5,No.1,pp.113-118
-Prasad, P.Sivasankaran, N. and Shukla, A. (2019), "Impact of deviation from target working capital on firm profitability: evidence from India", International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, Vol. 68 No. 8, pp. 1510-1527. (ABDC-B- Scopus Q 1)

-Prasad, P., Sivasankaran, N., Paul, S., Chattopadhyay, S., & Saravanan, P. (2019). Review of literature on working capital management and future research agenda. Journal of Economic Surveys, 33 (3), 827861.( ABDC-A category)

-Prasad, P., Sivasankaran, N., Paul, S., & Kannadhasan, M. (2019). Measuring impact of working capital efficiency on financial performance of a firm: an alternative approach. Journal of Indian Business Research, 11(1), 75-94. ( ABDC-C category)
-Prasad, P., Sivasankaran, N., Saravanan, P., & Kannadhasan, Mspan style="color: #727173; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: 13px;">. (2019). Does corporate governance influence the working capital management of firms: evidence from India. International Journal of Corporate Governance, 10(1), 42 80. ( ABDC-B Category)
-Kannadhasan, M., Charan, P., Singh, P., & Sivasankaran, N. (2018). Relationships among social capital, self-efficacy and new venture creations. Management Decision, 56(1), 204-218.( ABDC-B Category)
-Saravanan, P., Sivasankaran, N., Srikanth, M., & Shaw, T. S. (2017). Enhancing shareholder value through efficient working capital management: an empirical evidence from India. Finance India, 31(3), 851-871. (ABDC-C Category)

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Guide/evaluator/ examiner at doctoral research level

  1. Three Research Themes on Working Capital - Punam Prasad- Ph.D.awarded-Sept 2019 ( IIM Ranchi)- Ph.D.Thesis Advisor
  2. Three Essays on the Impact of Corporate Governance on the Risks and Returns of Indian Banks- June 2020 ( IIM Ranchi)- Ph.D Thesis advisor 

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Reviewed Papers for 

1. Management Decision
2. International journal of Corporate Governance
3. IIM-B-Management Review
4. International Journal of Econometrics
5. International journal of productivity and performance management
6.Journal of Asia Business Studies
7. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance

Visiting Faculty

-IIM Indore

-IIM Raipur
-IIM Bodhgaya

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