Prof. Ameet Kumar Banerjee

Prof. Ameet Kumar Banerjee

Qualification : PG - IIEST; FPM - XLRI, Jamshedpur

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Functional Area : Finance

Languages Known : English, Hindi, Bengali

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 240 (as on 17-SEP-22)

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Prof. Ameet Kumar Banerjee

Prof. Ameet Kumar Banerjee

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Financial Derivatives

Fixed Income Securities

Market Microstructure

Asset Pricing

Financial Modelling


Risk Management


Intervention of AI in Finance

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Corporate Finance

Financial Institituions and Markets

Investment Management

Financial Derivatives

Empirical Finance

Financial Econometrics with R

Quantitative Finance

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Journal Articles-Refereed

  1. Banerjee, A. K., Sensoy, A., Goodell, J. W., & Mahapatra, B. (2023). Impact of media hype and fake news on commodity futures prices: A deep learning approach over the COVID-19 period. Finance Research Letters, 104658. (ABDC-A)
  2. Banerjee, A. K., Pradhan, H. K., Sensoy, A., & Goodell, J. W. (2024). Assessing the US financial sector post three bank collapses: Signals from fintech and financial sector ETFs. International Review of Financial Analysis91, 102995. (ABDC-A)
  3. Banerjee, A. K., Chatterjee, S., & Dutta, A. (2023). Market power, industry concentration and earnings management: does corporate governance matter. The Journal of Risk Finance. (ABDC-B)
  4. Ahmed, S., Banerjee, A. K., James, W., & Moussa, F. (2023). Is the Evergrande crisis spilling beyond China?. Research in International Business and Finance, 102080. (XL-A)
  5. Akhtaruzzaman, M., Banerjee, A. K., Le, V., & Moussa, F. (2024). Hedging precious metals with impact investing. International Review of Economics & Finance89, 651-664. (ABDC-A).
  6. Akhtaruzzaman, M., Banerjee, A. K., Boubaker, S., & Moussa, F. (2023). Does green improve portfolio optimisation?. Energy Economics, 106831. (ABDC- A*)
  7. Banerjee, A. K. (2023). Russia–Ukrainian war: measuring the intraday risk dynamics of energy futures contracts using VaR and CVaR. The Journal of Risk Finance. (ABDC-B)
  8. Banerjee, A. K., Akhtaruzzaman, M., Dionisio, A., Almeida, D., & Sensoy, A. (2022). Nonlinear nexus between cryptocurrency returns and COVID–19 COVID-19 news sentiment. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance36, 100747. (ABDC-A)
  9. Banerjee, A. K. (2022). You sneeze, and the markets are paranoid: the fear, uncertainty and distress sentiments impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the stock–bond correlation. The Journal of Risk Finance, (ahead-of-print). (ABDC-B)
  10. Banerjee, A. K., & Pradhan, H. K. (2022). Influence of demographic profiles in adoption of digital payment system in India: a multigroup invariance analysis. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 1-17. (ABDC-B)
  11. Akhtaruzzaman, M., Banerjee, A. K., Ghardallou, W., & Umar, Z. (2022). Is greenness an optimal hedge for sectoral stock indices?. Economic Modelling, 106030. (ABDC - A)
  12. Banerjee, A. K., & Pradhan, H. K. (2022). Intraday analysis of macroeconomic news surprises, and asymmetries in Indian benchmark bond. Finance Research Letters45, 102135. (ABDC - A)
  13. Banerjee, A. K. (2021). Futures market and the contagion effect of COVID-19 syndrome. Finance Research Letters43, 102018. (ABDC - A)
  14. Banerjee, A. K., Dionisio, A., Pradhan, H. K., & Mahapatra, B. (2021). Hunting the quicksilver: Using textual news and causality analysis to predict market volatility. International Review of Financial Analysis77, 101848. (ABDC - A)
  15. Banerjee, A. K., Pradhan, H. K., Tripathy, T., & Kanagaraj, A. (2020). Macroeconomic news surprises, volume and volatility relationship in index futures market. Applied Economics52(3), 275-287. (ABDC-A)
  16. Banerjee, A. K., & Pradhan, H. K. (2020). Responses of Economic News on Asset Prices: A Study of Indian Stock Index Futures. Applied Finance Letters9(SI), 3-14. (ABDC-B)
  17. Banerjee, Ameet Kumar, and H. K. Pradhan. "Order Flows, Investor Sentiments and Feedback Trade in Index Futures Market." Journal of Quantitative Economics 18.4 (2020): 767-782. (ABDC - B)
  18. Banerjee, A. K., & Mohanty, . (2020). Value relevance, earnings management, and corporate governance in India. Economic and Political Weekly55(38), 54-60. (ABDC -B)
  19. Banerjee, A. K., Huidrom, G., & Padhan, P. C. (2018). Impact of Organizational Slack on IPO Valuation: A Study of Indian Firms. South Asian Journal of Management25(4), 101-116. (ABDC -C)

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  1. Business Mathematics published by B S publications.
  2. Financial Analytics and R (Forthcoming).

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 Ameet Kumar Banerjee and Sabri Boubaker, 2021, Financial sector woes Covid 2.0 poses many a challenge for the sector, The Hindu Businessline

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  • Energy Economics (ABDC - A*)
  • International Review of Financial Analysis (ABDC -A)
  • Journal of International Financial Markets, Institution & Money (ABDC – A)
  • Finance Research Letters (ABDC – A)
  • Applied Economics (ABDC – A )
  • International Review of Economics and Finance (ABDC- A)
  • Business and Society (ABDC-A)
  • Research in International Business and Finance (ABDC – B)
  • Journal of Risk Finance (ABDC – B)
  • North American Journal of Economics and Finance (ABDC – B)
  • International Journal of Emerging Markets (ABDC – B)
  • Plos One (Web of Science indexed journal).

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