Fr Francis M Peter, S J

Fr Francis M Peter, S J

Qualification : MA, Madras, MA, London, PGDTE (CIEFL), Ph.D

Email :,

Functional Area : General Management and Not Applicable

Languages Known : Tamil, English

Brief Profile  

Experience Detail  

  1. Controller of Exams Loyola College Chennai    
  2. Secretaty and Correspondant Loyola College, Chennai 
  3. Director RACE Chennai    
  4. Principal St.Xaviers College Palayamkottai    
  5. Vice Principal St.Josephs College Trichy    
  6. Director SIES Trichy    
  7. Co- Investigator TED
  8. Counsellor  XLRI
  9. Co-ordinator ceRTEL
  10. Facilitator  XL Toastmasters   

Fr Francis M Peter, S J

Fr Francis M Peter, S J

Achievements and Research Interest/Area of Research Interests

Academic Distinction (Awards and Scholarships)

  1. British Council Technical Collaboration Scholarship Award 1988-89
  2. Trainer of trainers AMESA  Cambridge University Suit of Exams

Adminstrative Distinction

  1. Member Search Committee for Vice Chancellor M.S. University Tirunelveli Governing Body member 2000


Other Achievements

  1. Best Teacher Award 2007


  1. Language in Education Teaching the Disadvantaged Writing Rhetoric Paralinguistics for pronunciation Evaluating Language Intake

Faculty Development Programs Attended

Refresher Course, Central University, Pondicherry [21 days, 2000] - Sponsor by UGC

Courses Taught

  • Managerial Communiction (Core [2 credits], HRM, BM. GMP, XLRI Jamshedpur
  • English Language Teaching (Core, M.Phil English)

Consultancy Undertaken

  1. Future Perfect - Education Commission, 2004
  2. Assessing Language Skills of vernacular Medium Learners - Anna Technical University, 2012
  3. Techniques to Promote Fluency - South Asian Jesuit Conference, 2015 (10 days)

In-Company Programs

  1. Effective Communication, CITI, A&T and L&T (2007-2008)
  2. Air Traffic Managers, ICAO & Ministry of Civil Aviation, 2010 (35 days)
  3. Communication Strategies for Critical Corporate Moments, Oil India Limited, 2013-2014 (5 days)
  4. Creative Use of Language in Business Contexts, XLRI Jamshedpur, 2014 (2 days)
  5. Language of Feedback and Appraisal Mitsubishi  Haldia Dec. 2015
  6. TRAINING for Marketing Managers RATNA SAGAR P.Ltd. New Delhi  (10th -14th August 2015) 
  7. Sales & Marketing Strategies for Publishing Professionals 26th Sept. to 1st Oct 2016 





Journal Articles-Refereed

International Journal of Business Communication (IJBC)  peer reviewer

Published Research Monographs

1. Publish Year: 2006 - National


Aviation English  for Air traffic Controllers   2019 DCA

Scholarly Books

Chapters in Scholarly books

1. Publish Year: 1999 National/International: National

Towards General Neutral Language pp 20 - 28 Towards Gender Sensitivity, FWS - LC Chennai

Conference Proceedings-Refereed

1. Publish Year: 2014 - National

`An Apology for ESP` article outline in the Proceedings of National Conference on English for Specific Purposes - A Reappraisal 6-7th March at Anna Technical University Chennai

Paper Presentations-Refereed

Text Books

1. Publish Year: 2014 - National

LET`S COMMUNICATE III Revised and Enlarged Edition with Dr. Love Joy Vaigarai Publishing House A compendium of activity based communicative activities for learning English Aims at the language restricted learner enticing them to learn essential notions and functions useful in life and the classroom.

2. Publish Year: 2012 - National

SOFT SKILLS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (Tata McGraw Hill)helps learners put their domain knowledge to effective use in context. The language and attitude required in actualising what one has learnt is the basis of the book transmitted through a learning by doing approach, self check and a mini case.

3. Publish Year 2012 - National 

Indian Voices in ELT, VIVA Books Private Ltd. 

4. Publish Year: 2007 - National

IMAGINATIONS: PRACTISING LITERARY CRITICISM (Ed,) McMillan an assortment of literary pieces across historical and geographical boundaries aims at promoting reading habit, critical reflection and language promotion,

5. Publish Year: 2007 - National

BUSINESS ENGLISH COMMUNICATION (2004) p(278) Academy for Cumulative Excellence Chennai

6. Publish Year: 2001 - National

WRITING BUSINESS MATTERS ACE Publications A practical guide to produce quality conscious, zero error maintaining, customer friendly business discourse in today`s globalized world.

7. Publish Year: 2001 - National

Act English RACE Publications, Chennai A degree level English text book with engaging topics, exciting learning procedures, and involving the whole person to empower them to become confident users of the language.

Research Report

1. Publish Year: 2014 - National

ASSESSMENT OF WRITING SKILL IN ENGLISH- CASE FOR INDIGENIZED RUBRICS WITH APPROPRIATE CRITERIA AND DESCRIPTORS with P.N. Ramani & Dr. Mangalam Neelakantan The Journal of English Language Teaching Vol.56/1 January- February 2014 ISSN 0973-5208 Reports a preliminary findings of a project undertaken at XLRI in developing a scale and band descriptors to evaluate written discourse of our students....

Working paper

1. Publish Year: 2014 -  National

Calibrating Written Language 2014 This experiment involves developing an instrument to comprehensively test written language using a rating scale and a detailed descriptor. Over 2500 scripts were marked after extensive trials and field testing at different locations.

Key note presentation

1. Publish Year: 2014 - National

`Theoria and Praxis of an Immersion Approach to Language Acquisition` Plenary Address followed by workshop at a National Conference on `Language Immersion Techniques` at Sacred Heart College (Autonomous) Tirupattur 3&4th February 2014. Abstract published int he proceedings of the Conference pp. 16-20

2. Publish Year: 2004 - National

Learner Styles and Learning Strategies Teacher Development Workshop CIEFL, Hyderabad

3. Publish Year: 2003 - National

Cross Border Communication at an International Conference `Cross Cultural Management` sponsored by EU and India Economic Cross cultural Programme (EIECP)

Published articles in newspapers/magazines

1. Publish Year: 2002 - National

Cross Cultural Communication pp.

2016 Aug.16    Jivan, Ahmedabad 

Cases developed for Teaching purpose

Other Professional Activities

Achievements in Professional activities

 Key note at the International Conference on `Reinventing Shakespeare` Dec. 2016  St. Joseph`s (Autonomous College, Trichy - `Say it Like Shakespeare` presented a Shakespeare inspired rhetorical paradigm to make professional presentations influential` and drew applications to present day needs.


Forensic Linguistics for IR 4   International Virtual Conference on Industry 4.0 Scenario : Redefining Language and Literary Studies   organised jointly bu Thiruvalluvr university, Govt. Thiumallai Mills College, Gudiatham, Loyola College Chenai and Sacred Heart College, Tirupattur  from 13th  to 21st July 2020.


Disambiguated Communication -  Towards a Content and methodology for Aviation English  UGC-HRDC Jawaharlal Nehru Tchnalogical University, Hyderabad 17th Nove. 2020 

Chairperson/Co-Chairperson in conferences

  1. Key-note at International Workshop on Testing and Evaluation Anna University Chennai 2. Chair panel on Outcome Based Learning ELTAI International Seminar 3. Teacher Development, Delhi University, 2006

Co-ordinating/Organizing Workshop/Conferences /MDPs

  1. ELT - Future Directions UGC sponsored National workshop 1992 Aimed at initiating faculty to the possibilities and necessity of shifting to increasing learner competence in communication. 126 participated - Included subject experts and a hands on mode

Contribution towards Institution building/ development/ services such as Chairperson (Placement) etc

Guide/evaluator/ examiner at doctoral research level

  1. Doctoral Thesis from IIT Madras Depat. of Humanities and Social Sciences
  2. IIT Chennai Doctoral Committee member MS.Hannah Mohan "Drama Praxis for increasing Fluency`
  3. Jeppiar University Chennai Adjudicator of Thesis
  4. SRM University Kattankulathur
  5. Anna University  Doctoral Committee Member 

Invited to deliver Keynote addresses/ speeches

  1. Outcome Based Learning and Teaching: Matching Material and Methods Key Note address National Conference at A. B. Abdur Rahman University
  2. "Attitude - Two Day Workshop on Personality Development" 11-12 Sep. 2015 NIT Silchar`
  3. "Teaching and Learning English Across Continents" Keynote speaker at UGC National Conference Ignatius College of  Education Palayamkotai  8-9 February 2016
  4. Curriculum Revamping for Undergraduate English  18 & 19 Jan 2016   Women`s Christian College Chennai 
  5. General Management Syllabus review  Institute of Management Technology Nagpur 2014
  6. Facing  the travails of transition  Orientation workshop at July 2016 SN University  
  7. Change Directions Initiated by NEP EAst Singbum School Teachers  @ Loyola JSR  aug. 2019
  8. Understanding Student Distruptive Behaviour  Tarapore school  5th Sept 2020

Membership of Professional Bodies

  1. Life Member, ELTAI English Language Teachers Association of India IATEFL International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language 1996-2000; 2003-2004
  2. Association of British Scholars ABS Chennai since 1998
  3. Member ABS Association of British Scholars
  4. President  Gerard Durrel Initiative 2015 to date
  5. XL Toastmasters Mentor 20010-19

Participation in Workshops/Conferences/Forums/ Meetings etc


Business English Conclave  Bonn Germany 2007

Yale Publishing Course, New Haven July 12-17th 2015

Professional Services such as Member/Editor of Editorial Board/ Advisory Committee etc

  1. Editorial Board of Akshya Literary Magazine of A Jain College
  2. Member editorial board of CONVERGENCE A journal of Vaishnava College Chennai

Reviewer/Referee in Journals/ Conferences etc

Visiting Faculty

  1. Goa Institute of Management handled STRATEGIC COMMUNICATION sessions for 3 sessions for 19 days from 17th Aug. 2015 to 4th September.
  2. NIT Silchar

Research Project Undertaken

  1. OUTCOME BASED LEARNING: A Praxis Approach to Higher Notch Learning 2012-13 An Applied research sponsored by XLRI This is a search for an alternative to instruction intensive teaching that would ensure specific demonstrable skills aligned to the needs of the workplace. It explores an effective way of nudging learning away from a common core around which it tends to stagnate.Making learners achieve the finer points in speaking and writing that make a difference is the intended outcome.
  2. DEVELOPING PERFORMANCE INDICATORS FOR ASSESSING WRITING SKILLS 2013-14 An attempt to develop an indigenous academic skill focused descriptors to assess entry behaviour and student learning. The scheme was developed field tested and vetted before administering it to 1240 students across the country. A brief report of the research appears in ELTJ Jan-Feb. 2014
  3. Performance Indicators to Calibrate Business Spoken Interaction. 2014 Sponsor: XLRI Status: In progress This is an attempt to frame a business specific standard test (parameters, prompts, procedure and descriptors) to assess the spoken interaction of our students. A team of seven assessors would be trained to conduct a standardized and reliable assessment of spoken interaction. It serves as a language skill diagnostics to plan a personalised guidance of the entrants to XL through tutorials customized to the needs of the individual.
  4. Evaluation of Xavier`s College of Education, Patna 2014 Sponsor: GB of SXCE Status: Near completion On the occasion of the Silver Jubilee of the institute, the Governing Body wished to make an appraisal of the institutes  to discern whether our institutions continue to achieve their proper apostolic goals. After working on the terms of reference and agreeing on the methodology Fr.Peter and Jomon undertook to identify the facilitating and hindering factors in achieving the institute`s vision and mission.